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I was asked the other day who I thought was the most beautiful female celebrity. It does change but I answered straight away – Evangeline Lilly. I have been re-watching the LOST series that made her famous and God damn her beauty memorizes me every time she is on screen!

There is no doubt she has a nice toned body to go with her exquisite looks. We haven’t seen all that much of it apart from tantalizing glimpses. What’s this naked photo of her then? Well it’s a fake sadly, but a very nice one at that. That is just how I imagine her to look nude and believe me it’s a topic I have given considerable thought.

The good news is there are many more of these Evangeline Lilly fakes at the Fake Fantasy site. Swing by to preview more of their nude celebrities.

I was over at the Fake Fantasy website earlier today having a look through their latest additions. I came across some of the gorgeous Miranda Cosgrove and thought I’d post a couple of them.

Miranda Cosgrove fakes

The first of which shows Miranda completely naked, except for her sexy heels, on a pool table. She pleasures herself with a dildo and I am sure every one looking at this pic wants to ‘sink the pink’!

Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy

The second pic shows her and sexy girl friend Jennette McCurdy in a steamy threesome. Wow imagine these two together working on you!

Find more Miranda Cosgrove fakes at Fake Fantasy.

Hot blonde actress Amber Heard came to my attention when I saw her in Pineapple Express. She’s a good looking girl alright but I wish she would show some more skin. I’m not holding my breath for any full on nude scenes as perhaps she is not the type to go for those roles. Oh well, we can always dream. Until that day we will have to make do with the very next best thing – these nude fakes!

Amber Heard nude

Amber looks smoking hot in both of these doctored images, but the topmost one is my pick of the day. The way she is kicking back naked on that chair with a serene look on her face and spreading her pretty pussy lips for us is making me drool!

Amber Heard fakes

See more of these Amber Heard nude photos at Fake Fantasy. They have images like this of tonnes of sexy female celebrities (and even some male celebs if that’s your thing). Check out their site for more free previews.

When I found out recently that Faith Hill was 45 years old I was very surprised. I mean I knew she was a bit older and definitely in cougar country so to speak, but mid forties floored me. She still looks amazing and is very sexy. I’d trade some of the new up and coming pop stars for her in a heartbeat.

Faith Hill naked

Faith Hill nude

I really love the first faked nude pic of Faith. Sitting there naked apart from a pair of heels she looks ready and waiting.. if only eh?

You can find more of these Faith Hill nude photos at Fake Fantasy. Treat yourself to a membership to see similar pictures of 1,000s of the world’s most famous women.

Look I’ll be honest I don’t really know too much about Natalie Martinez apart from the fact she is hot as hell. I mean I know she has been in some music videos but that is about it. So rather than prattle on about her I will let these pics do all the talking… and they have plenty to say!

Natalie Martinez nude

Natalie Martinez looking hot

“Real or fake?” you ask? Sadly these are fakes, but very good ones at that. I had it thought only choosing two of them to post here too. You can see the rest in larger sizes at Fake Fantasy as well as faked naked and sex pics of many more of the world’s biggest celebrities.

We haven’t been seeing too much of Reese Witherspoon lately, both in terms of quantity and amount of skin hehe. Let’s right that right here and now with some very hardcore fakes of the Legally Blonde star.

Reese Witherspoon fake

The first pic shows her getting her famous stuffed and the second sees her cop a huge cum shot to the face! What a pretty target that must have made eh?

Reese Witherspoon cum

There are many more nude and sex fakes of her available to Fake Fantasy members. They have a tonne of these sorts of images of just about any popular celebrity you can think of. Swing by and take a look.

I know there are a lot of you out there that desperately wanna bang Kathie Lee Gifford. She does that have that horny milf vibe going for her, not to mention a sexy pair of legs. There are lots of oops style pics of her floating around the net in the form of her famous pokies as well as some upskirts, but I bet you’ve never seen pics as of her as dirty as these!

Kathie Lee Gifford fakes

The first shows her wanking off a huge cock. She must be good at it as these guy shoots cum everywhere… mmmm imagine it all over her face! The other sees her getting her milf pussy stuffed hard.

Kathie Lee Gifford sex

There are more of these Kathie Lee Gifford fakes available at Fake Fantasy as well as similar styled pics of hundreds more famous women.

I tried to get into the series Revenge but after a few episodes I got a bit tired of it. There was some pretty bad dialog and acting for the most part but the stand out was definitely the main character played by the beautiful Emily VanCamp. Her acting was good and she is quite the babe I have to say. I hadn’t heard of her before this and I am going to make a point of checking out anything she is in from now on.

Emily VanCamp nude

Emily VanCamp hot

That being said I know you perverts just want to see this pretty actress naked. Who am I to deny you? Have a peek at these two fake nude pictures of her that I got from the Fake Fantasy just this evening. Love them both and there were a lot more that I can’t show you. Just head to their site to find out how to get the full series of them in full size as well as faked nude and sex pictures of thousands more famous women.

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