Celebrity See Thru

Holy shit, what a rack! There’s no hiding anything in that see through wet t-shirt and we are glad of that. JoJo Levesque has never looked so good!

Sometime the most subtle photos can also be the sexiest. I love this shot of hot Jennifer Lawrence in a semi see through dress. We get a nice eyeful of her thong as she bends over. That looks like quite the booty!

Jeri Ryan is still smoking hot there is no denying it. Here is a particularly sexy picture of the busty Star Trek babe in a see through dress. Wow those puppies look nice and I am pretty sure she knew just how see thru that outfit was.

Sexy Italian actress/model/popstar Asia Argento makes her way onto the site today. She looks a little worse for wear in this black outfit but we can clearly see those big nips making an impact through the think fabric.

A nice opportunists oops pic of cute Hilary Duff for you today. That see through white top is showing a whole lot of nipple huh? Who needs a wet t-shirt when it’s that transparent?? Hope the weather doesn’t turn too nippy on her!

Not the most revealing of oops moments but I’ll take this shot of hot blonde actress Brittany Daniel in a see thru dress. You can clearly see her hard nipples through the fabric and I am sure she knew that when choosing the dress.

These might not be the newest celebrity oops pics but I don’t think anyone is going to complain about another chance to see sexy Jessica Alba is a see thru swimsuit. Arguably the most beautiful woman on Earth I don’t think there is a hotter sight then Jessica emerging from the sea dripping wet in transparent bikini!

Now we have featured some Jennifer Love Hewitt nude fakes before on COP but we still get requests for oops photos of this slim busty beauty. Who are we to say no that? Here is an oldie but a goodie. JLH sporting an ultra sheer and very see thru blouse with those big tits bouncing around unfettered underneath!

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