I tried to get into the series Revenge but after a few episodes I got a bit tired of it. There was some pretty bad dialog and acting for the most part but the stand out was definitely the main character played by the beautiful Emily VanCamp. Her acting was good and she is quite the babe I have to say. I hadn’t heard of her before this and I am going to make a point of checking out anything she is in from now on.

Emily VanCamp nude

Emily VanCamp hot

That being said I know you perverts just want to see this pretty actress naked. Who am I to deny you? Have a peek at these two fake nude pictures of her that I got from the Fake Fantasy just this evening. Love them both and there were a lot more that I can’t show you. Just head to their site to find out how to get the full series of them in full size as well as faked nude and sex pictures of thousands more famous women.

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