A buddy of mine is always going on about how smoking hot Jennette McCurdy is. Seems he’s got quite the celebrity crush on this sexy blonde “iCarly” star. He’s been at me to dig up some nude photos of her and I told him I’ll have a look but I highly doubt you are going to get your wish. I was right – a girl like her isn’t going to pose nude and I doubt ever will. I showed him these fakes and told him ‘you won’t come closer to seeing Jennette McCurdy naked than this’. He begrudgingly accepted that and asked me for more lol!

Jennette McCurdy naked

Jennette McCurdy porn

There are plenty more too. These two were just my favorite, especially that second one of her taking on three hard cocks at once. You can see the full series of these in full size at Celeb Defamer by becoming a member. They have well over 250,000 such images at last count and are always adding new celebrities to their long list.

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