I am not usually a fan of cooking shows but I always make an exception for Nigella Lawson. This woman is so incredibly sexy it almost hurts to watch. She is famous for her huge breasts and seeing her in those skin tight blouses and sweaters she is so fond of is like watching softcore porn. I just which she would wear some plunging necklines so we could really get a better look at those fleshy mounds of joy. I think more cleavage would definitely boost ratings.

Nigella Lawson nude

Nigella Lawson breasts

I am pretty sure we will never get to see Nigella let those massive boobs loose. Along with her fellow busty television presenter Sarah Beeny all you can do is tune in each week and get an eyeful and if you really must see these ladies nude then fakes like these are the only way it is ever gonna happen.

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