I wasn’t sure whether to put this photo of sexy Italian model and actress Sara Tommasi in the Wardrobe Malfunctions section or not. I doubt this hot view of her pretty pussy is accidental. Not that I really care when gifted a beautiful snatch like that!

Hot blonde actress Amber Heard came to my attention when I saw her in Pineapple Express. She’s a good looking girl alright but I wish she would show some more skin. I’m not holding my breath for any full on nude scenes as perhaps she is not the type to go for those roles. Oh well, we can always dream. Until that day we will have to make do with the very next best thing – these nude fakes!

Amber Heard nude

Amber looks smoking hot in both of these doctored images, but the topmost one is my pick of the day. The way she is kicking back naked on that chair with a serene look on her face and spreading her pretty pussy lips for us is making me drool!

Amber Heard fakes

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Wow, hot ex Britain’s Next Top Model host Lisa Snowdon is giving us a good look at her thighs and panties as she tries to exit the vehicle. Lucky for us those pesky paparazzi were ready with their lenses to capture the moment God bless them.

Wow that’s a whole lot of side boob you are showing there Mariah Carey! You also forgot your bra!

When I found out recently that Faith Hill was 45 years old I was very surprised. I mean I knew she was a bit older and definitely in cougar country so to speak, but mid forties floored me. She still looks amazing and is very sexy. I’d trade some of the new up and coming pop stars for her in a heartbeat.

Faith Hill naked

Faith Hill nude

I really love the first faked nude pic of Faith. Sitting there naked apart from a pair of heels she looks ready and waiting.. if only eh?

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Every time Jennifer Lopez gets out of a car in a skirt a hundreds paparazzi go for the low angle upskirt shot. Probably hoping to hell that JLo was letting that big ass of hers gets some air and going commando. Haha I think she’s got a thong on in this oops photo though.

While we have featured Kristen Stewart fakes previously we haven’t posted any oops style photos of the sexy Twilight babe. I have to say she looks sexier in these pics than ever. Love those smooth sexy legs and the position she is in is quite nice too haha!

Romanian popstar Alexandra Stan is known for her cheeky outfits but this is her most revealing yet. The singer of Lollipop Param Pam Pam is showing plenty of her hot ass and pussy in these tiny denim cutoff shorts.

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